MBA Scholarships Higher education system in Thailand
Three levels of study structure the upper education system in Thailand:
1st level: 4 years of studies to get the equivalence of a license
2nd level: 2 to three years of study to get a academic degree
3rd level: 3 years of study to get a doctorate

Thai universities are the foremost reputable in Southeast Asia . Tuition fees vary counting on the university and whether it’s public or private. the prices therefore vary between 900 and 2300 € per year . The value per year during a graduate school can climb to 8000 €.

The most popular fields of study in Thailand for Thais are: environment, agriculture, energy, law, Buddhist studies, management and business. Courses are often offered in English.

Admission requirement to review in Thailand and fluency in Thai
Studying in Thailand is sort of possible for a French student. 20,000 foreign nationals come to review during this Asian country per year . one among the most reasons is that knowing the local language isn’t compulsory.

Most universities offer courses in English in several fields. (Accounting, marketing, finance, economics, architecture, engineering, medicine, journalism etc.).

You will understand, this country is extremely coveted for education the simplest advice we will offer you is to require it 1 year in advance!

The documents required to register may vary from university to college . additionally , certain documents are required by all establishments:
Results in English level tests like TOEFL or IELTS
Results of tests taken at Thai university
A student visa
School record and bac diploma (quite rare).
Scholarships to review in Thailand
It is quite possible to urge a scholarship to review in Thailand. Find here the various organizations to


Scholarships for International MBA student: covers half the schooling fees of scholars wishing to try to to an MBA (Master of Business Administration).
Scholarships for International Master’s Degree of Arts Program in Buddhist Studies: scholarships for international students wishing to finish a Masters in Buddhist Studies.
Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University Partial Scholarship: scholarship for the simplest of you. it’s obtained after studying for 1 year at Ramkhamhaeng University.
Sripatum International College Scholarship Program: scholarship within the field of hotel management. It covers the schooling fees.
There are more . ask the French institutions which will assist you to seek out out whether you’ll be awarded a scholarship during your student trip to Thailand.